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High polymer adhesive film was commonly known as Hot-melt Film

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High polymer adhesive film was commonly known as Hot-melt Film, Transparent or white color. It is solid under normal temperature, but it would flow and have stickiness, when it changed into liquid to be adhesive after heating in a certain extent. It can bond many materials like metal, plastic, paper, wood and textile, and it has high peeling strength and long lasting adhesion.


High polymer adhesive film is the upgrade version of traditional hot-melt film. It is more excellent and more reliable on high temperature resistance/ weather resistance/ ageing resistance property. As the technology advances and new materials launch, high polymer adhesive film can be used instead of liquid glue in a lot of application field, so that it is safer, more environmental, more efficient, and operate more easily in the part of production and storage. And that meets the society requirement in environmental and safety.